All US Transit Agencies with Open Data

Transit agencies in the US: 864. With open data: 248. Without open data: 616.

Name Open Data Date Added Real-time Data City State Director Twitter Agency URL
Intercity Transit Yes 2011/10/20 No Olympia WA Mr. Michael Harbour (General Manager)
Kitsap Transit Yes 2011/03/17 No Bremerton WA Mr. Richard Hayes (Executive Director)
Whatcom Transportation Authority Yes 2013/04/02 No Bellingham WA Mr. Richard Walsh (General Manager)
Salem Area Mass Transit District Yes 2011/03/29 No Salem OR Mr. Allan Pollock (General Manager)
Rogue Valley Transportation District Yes 2010/10/21 No Medford OR Ms. Julie Brown (General Manager)
Washington State Ferries Yes 2012/04/23 No Seattle WA Mr. David Moseley (Assistant Secretary, Ferry Division)
Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/12/08 No Seattle WA Ms. Joni Earl (Executive Director)
South Metro Area Regional Transit Yes 2009/12/12 No Wilsonville OR Ms. Cynthia Thompson (Transit Director)
City of Corvallis Yes 2012/06/19 No Corvallis OR
Berkshire Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/08/02 No Pittsfield MA Mr. Gary Shepard (Administrator) None
Pioneer Valley Transit Authority Yes 2009/09/11 No Springfield MA Ms. Mary MacInnes (Administrator) None
Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/08/05 No Haverhill MA Mr. Joseph Costanzo (Administrator) None
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority Yes 2012/09/03 No Providence RI Mr. Alfred Moscola (General Manager)
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Yes 2008/10/14 No Boston MA Mr. WILLIAM MITCHELL (ACTING GENERAL MANAGER ) None
Lowell Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/07/31 No Lowell MA Mr. James Scanlan (Administrator) None
Montachusett Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/09/11 No Fitchburg MA Mr. Mohammed Khan (Administrator) None
MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/07/31 No Framingham MA None None
Capital District Transportation Authority Yes 2009/11/09 No Albany NY Mr. Carm Basile (Executive Director) cdta
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Yes 2010/01/16 No Buffalo NY Mr. Lawrence Meckler (Executive Director)
Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority, dba: MTA Long Island Bus Yes 2010/01/13 No Garden City NY Mr. Joseph Smith (President)
MTA New York City Transit Yes 2010/01/13 No New York NY Mr. Jay H. Walder (Chairman)
Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation Yes 2008/10/17 No Jersey City NJ Mr. Michael DePallo (Director/General Manager)
Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority, dba: MTA Staten Island Railway Yes 2010/01/13 No Staten Island NY Mr. William Massi (Director of Finance-Administration)
MTA Long Island Rail Road Yes 2010/01/13 No Long Island NY Ms. Helena Williams (President)
Regional Transit Service, Inc. and Lift Line, Inc. Yes 2012/09/03 No Rochester NY Mr. Mark Aesch (Chief Executive Officer)
MTA Bus Company Yes 2010/01/13 No New York NY Mr. Joseph Smith (President)
Hudson Transit Lines, Inc. Yes 2010/01/16 No Mahwah NJ Mr. George Grieve (General Manager)
Charlottesville Transit Service Yes 2011/05/12 No Charlottesville VA Mr. Bill Watterson (Transit Manager)
Annapolis Department of Transportation Yes 2011/02/14 No Annapolis MD Ms. Danielle Matland (Director)
Allegany County Transit Yes 2011/02/13 No Cumberland MD Mr. James Stafford, Jr. (Transit Chief)
Howard Transit Yes 2010/09/28 No Laurel MD Mr. Ben Pickar (Chief Transportation Planning)
Ride-On Montgomery County Transit Yes 2010/12/14 No Rockville MD Ms. Carolyn Biggins (CEO/Chief-Division of Transit Services)
Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority Yes 2011/01/11 No Allentown PA Mr. Armando Greco (Executive Director)
Virginia Railway Express Yes 2008/10/27 No Alexandria VA Mr. Dale Zehner (Chief Executive Officer) None
Delaware Transit Corporation Yes 2010/11/01 No Dover DE Mr. Stephen Kingsberry (Executive Director)
Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads, dba: Hampton Roads Transit Yes 2008/12/05 No Hampton VA Mr. Michael Townes (Chief Executive Officer) None
Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority Yes 2011/02/08 No Wilmington NC Mr. Albert Eby (Director)
Capital Area Transit Yes 2010/11/15 No Raleigh NC Mr. Scott McClellan (General Manager)
Lexington Transit Authority Yes 2011/01/19 No Lexington KY Mr Rocky Burke (General Manager)
Transit Authority of River City Yes 2011/11/21 No Louisville KY Mr. J. Barker (Executive Director)
Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky Yes 2009/10/20 No Fort Wright KY Ms. Mary Lou Franzoni (General Manager) None
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Yes 2012/10/19 No Atlanta GA Dr. Beverly Scott (General Manager/CEO)
Manatee County Area Transit Yes 2013/02/28 No Bradenton FL Mr. Ralf Heseler (Transit Manager)
Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority Yes 2011/10/31 Yes St. Petersburg FL Debra Woodward (IT Director)
Lee County Transit Yes 2011/07/25 No Fort Myers FL Mr. Steven Myers (Transit Director)
Broward County Transportation Department Yes 2009/03/12 No Pompano Beach FL Mr. Christopher Walton (Director) None
Miami-Dade Transit Yes 2010/08/23 No Miami FL Mr. Harpal Kapoor (Director)
Town of Cary Yes 2010/11/15 No Cary NC Mr. Benjamin Shivar (Town Manager)
NC State University Transportation Department Yes 2010/11/15 No Raleigh NC
Chapel Hill Transit Yes 2010/11/15 No Chapel Hill NC Mr. Kerry Spade (Transportation Director)
Space Coast Area Transit Yes 2010/09/28 No Cocoa FL Mr. James Liesenfelt (Transit Director)
City of Huntsville, Alabama - Public Transportation Division Yes 2010/02/16 No Huntsville AL Mr. John Brown, Jr. (Director)
Kingsport Area Transit System Yes 2012/09/03 No Kingsport TN Mr. John Campbell (City Manager)
Milwaukee County Transit System Yes 2008/11/08 No Milwaukee WI Mrs. Anita Gulotta-Connelly (Managing Director) None
Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority Yes 2012/06/27 No Cincinnati OH Ms. Terry Garcia Crews
The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/11/09 No Cleveland OH Mr. Joseph Calabrese (CEO-Gen. Manager/Sec. Treasurer) None
Central Ohio Transit Authority Yes 2010/11/04 No Columbus OH Mr. William Lhota (President and CEO)
Pace-Suburban Bus Division, ADA Paratransit Services Yes 2011/01/21 No Arlington Heights IL Mr. Thomas Ross (Executive Director)
Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation Yes 2012/10/30 No Bloomington IN Mr. Lew May (General Manager)
Pace - Suburban Bus Division Yes 2011/01/21 No Arlington Heights IL Mr. Thomas Ross (Executive Director)
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation Yes 2009/09/17 No Chicago IL
City of Detroit Department of Transportation Yes 2011/06/11 No Detroit MI Ms. Lovevett Williams (Interim Director)
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District Yes 2010/09/16 No Urbana IL Mr. William Volk (Managing Director)
Chicago Transit Authority Yes 2009/12/13 Yes Chicago IL Mr. Richard Rodriguez (President)
Central Arkansas Transit Authority Yes 2012/05/22 No North Little Rock AR Mrs. Betty Wineland (Executive Director)
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority Yes 2008/10/29 No Austin TX Mr. Doug Allen (Interim General Manager) None
Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority Yes 2013/04/04 No Corpus Christi TX Mr. Eduardo Carrion (Chief Executive Officer)
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Yes 2008/10/29 No Dallas TX Mr. Gary Thomas (President/Executive Director) None
Fort Worth Transportation Authority Yes 2012/03/26 No Fort Worth TX Mr. Richard Ruddell (President/Executive Director )
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas Yes 2009/02/19 No Houston TX Mr. Frank Wilson (President & CEO) None
VIA Metropolitan Transit Yes 2011/10/25 No San Antonio TX Mr. Keith Parker (President/CEO)
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Yes 2009/08/14 No Fayetteville AR Mr. David Martinson (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business) None
Mountain Metropolitan Transit Yes 2010/07/06 No Colorado Springs CO Ms. Sherre Ritenour (Transit Services Manager)
Denver Regional Transportation District Yes 2008/10/29 No Denver CO Mr. Lee Kemp (Chair Of The Board) None
Missoula Urban Transportation District Yes 2009/11/10 No Missoula MT Mr. Stephen Earle (General Manager)
Utah Transit Authority Yes 2008/10/27 No Salt Lake City UT Mr. John Inglish (General Manager) None
San Francisco Municipal Railway Yes 2009/02/25 Yes San Francisco CA Mr. Nathaniel Ford, Sr. (Executive Director/CEO, MTA)
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Yes 2012/11/19 No San Francisco CA Ms. Celia Kupersmith (General Manager)
City of Santa Rosa Yes 2010/09/03 No Santa Rosa CA Mr. Robert Dunlavey (Director, Transit and Parking)
Sacramento Regional Transit District Yes 2008/10/29 No Sacramento CA Mr. Michael Wiley (General Manager) None
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Yes 2009/07/08 No San Diego CA Mr. Paul Jablonski (Chief Executive Officer) @sdmts
City of Vallejo Transportation Program Yes 2009/09/09 No Vallejo CA Ms. Crystal Odum Ford (Transportation Superintendent) None
Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board Yes 2008/10/29 No San Carlos CA Mr Michael Scanlon (Executive Director)
Unitrans - City of Davis/ASUCD Yes 2008/10/29 No Davis CA Mr. Geoff Straw (General Manager) None
Yolo County Transportation District Yes 2011/01/31 No Woodland CA Mr. Terry Bassett (Executive Director)
Redding Area Bus Authority Yes 2009/10/27 No Redding CA Mr. Brian Crane (Director of Transportation & Engineering) None
Laguna Beach Municipal Transit Yes 2013/05/08 No Laguna Beach CA Mr. Steve May (Director of Public Works/City Engineer)
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada Yes 2009/11/14 No Las Vegas NV Mr. Jacob Snow (General Manager) None
City of Corona Yes 2011/05/24 No Corona CA Mr. Kip Field (Public Works Director)
Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority Yes 2011/01/31 No Marysville CA Mr. Keith Martin (Transit Manager)
Central Contra Costa Transit Authority Yes 2011/02/09 No Concord CA Mr. Rick Ramacier (General Manager)
SunLine Transit Agency Yes 2011/05/31 No Thousand Palms CA Mr. Charles Oglesby (General Manager)
Thousand Oaks Transit Yes 2011/02/10 No Thousand Oaks CA Mr. Scott Mitnick (City Manager)
Roseville Transit Yes 2011/01/31 No Roseville CA Mr. Michael Wixon (Alternative Transportation Manager)
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Yes 2007/05/14 Yes Oakland CA Ms. Dorothy Dugger (General Manager) SFBART
Golden Empire Transit District Yes 2012/09/12 No Bakersfield CA Mrs. Karen King (Chief Executive Officer)
Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District Yes 2011/10/31 No Santa Cruz CA Mr. Leslie White (General Manager)
Modesto Area Express Yes 2011/05/31 No Modesto CA Mr. Nicholas Pinhey (Director of Public Works)
San Joaquin Regional Transit District Yes 2011/02/17 No Stockton CA Ms. Donna DeMartino (General Manager)
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Yes 2011/06/23 No San Jose CA Mr. Michael Burns (General Manager)
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District Yes 2011/08/05 No Oakland CA Mr. Richard Fernandez (General Manager)
Tillamook County Transportation District Yes 2009/07/16 No Tillamook or
Jefferson Transit Authority Yes 2009/01/09 No Port Townsend WA
Vineyard Transit Authority Yes 2009/08/02 No Martha's Vineyard MA
New England Fast Ferry Yes 2009/07/31 No New Bedford ma
Island Commuter Corporation Yes 2009/07/31 No Falmouth MA
Northstar-at-Tahoe Yes 2009/08/14 No Truckee CA Northstar-at-Tahoe
North Lake Tahoe Express Yes 2009/08/14 No Truckee CA
Arcata & Mad River Transit System Yes 2008/10/29 No Arcata CA
Blue & Gold Fleet Yes 2009/09/09 No San Francisco CA
King County Department of Transportation - Metro Transit Division Yes 2009/12/08 Yes Seattle WA Mr. Kevin Desmond (General Manager, Metro Transit Division)
Spokane Transit Authority Yes 2010/12/15 No Spokane WA Ms. E. Susan Meyer (Chief Executive Officer)
Yakima Transit Yes 2012/01/23 No Yakima WA Mr. Richard Zais, Jr. (City Manager)
Lane Transit District Yes 2009/11/17 No Eugene OR Mr. Mark Pangborn (General Manager) None
Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon Yes 2007/04/20 Yes Portland OR Mr. Frederic Hansen (General Manager)
Cape Ann Transportation Authority Yes 2009/09/11 No Gloucester MA Mr. Paul Talbot (Administrator)
Norwalk Transit District Yes 2011/01/29 No Norwalk CT Mr. Louis Schulman (Administrator)
Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/08/05 No Hyannis MA Mr. Thomas Cahair (Administrator) None
Westchester County Bee-Line System Yes 2010/01/16 No Mount Vernon NY Mr. Lawrence Salley (Commissioner)
Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company New York Yes 2010/01/13 No New York NY Mr. Howard Permut (President)
New Jersey Transit Corporation Yes 2008/10/17 No Newark NJ Mr. Richard Sarles (Executive Director)
Transport of Rockland Yes 2010/09/16 No Pomona NY Mr. Michael Gurski (Transit Administrator)
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Yes 2008/10/29 No Philadelphia PA Mr. Joseph Casey (General Manager) None
Port Authority of Allegheny County Yes 2010/01/11 No Pittsburgh PA Mr. Stephen Bland (Chief Executive Officer) @PGHtransit
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Yes 2009/03/23 No Washington DC Mr. John Catoe (General Manager)
Maryland Transit Administration Yes 2008/12/16 No Baltimore MD Mr. Ralign T. Wells (Administrator)
Fairfax Connector Bus System Yes 2012/11/01 No Fairfax VA Ms. Katharine Ichter, P.E. (Director - Department of Transportation)
Transit Services of Frederick County Yes 2011/02/14 No Frederick MD Ms. Sherry Burford (Division Director)
Blacksburg Transit Yes 2009/03/19 No Blacksburg VA Mr. Marc Verniel (Town Manager) None
Asheville Transit System Yes 2012/04/26 No Asheville NC Mrs. Mariate Echeverry (Transportation Planning Manager)
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority Yes 2011/07/11 No Tampa FL Mr. David Armijo (Chief Executive Officer)
Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority Yes 2012/09/17 No Birmingham AL Mr. David Hill (Executive Director)
Sarasota County Area Transit Yes 2010/10/27 No Sarasota FL Mr. Anthony Beckford (General Manager Transit)
Durham Area Transit Authority Yes 2010/11/15 No Durham NC Mr. Stephen Mancuso (Transit Administrator)
Green Bay Metro Yes 2011/04/24 No Green Bay WI Mr. Christopher Phelps (General Manager)
LaCrosse Municipal Transit Utility Yes 2012/09/20 No LaCrosse WI Mr. Matt Harter (Mayor)
Metro Transit System Yes 2011/05/26 No Madison WI Mr. Charles Kamp (Transit General Manager) mymetrobus
Duluth Transit Authority Yes 2010/06/03 No Duluth MN Mr. Dennis Jensen (General Manager)
Metro Transit Minneapolis / St. Paul Yes 2009/11/13 No Minneapolis MN Mr. Brian Lamb (General Manager)
Capital Area Transportation Authority Yes 2011/11/08 No Lansing MI Ms. Sandra Draggoo (Executive Director)
Ann Arbor Transportation Authority Yes 2009/01/15 No Ann Arbor MI Ms. Dawn Gabay (Executive Director) None
University of Michigan Parking and Transportation Services Yes 2012/09/03 No Ann Arbor MI Mr. Timothy Slottow (Chief Financial Officer)
Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation Yes 2011/08/30 No Fort Wayne IN Mr. Kenneth Housden (General Manager)
Indianapolis and Marion County Public Transportation Yes 2012/08/24 No Indianapolis IN Mr. Michael Terry (President and CEO)
Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation Yes 2011/03/10 No Lafayette IN Mr. Martin Sennett (General Manager)
Johnson County Kansas, aka: Johnson County Transit Yes 2009/10/07 No Olathe KS Ms. Alice Amrein (Director of Transportation)
ABQ Ride Yes 2012/06/26 No Albuquerque NM
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Yes 2009/11/07 No Kansas City MO Mr. Mark Huffer (General Manager) @KCATAMetro
Bi-State Development Agency Yes 2009/12/11 No St. Louis MO Mr. Robert Baer (President and CEO)
City of St. George Yes 2012/12/28 No St. George UT
Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County Yes 2011/10/24 No Reno NV Mr. Lee Gibson (Executive Director)
City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services Yes 2009/03/07 No Honolulu HI Mr. Wayne Yoshioka (Director-Department of Transportation Services) None
North County Transit District Yes 2009/11/06 No Oceanside CA Mr. Richard Hannasch (Director of Fiscal & Support Services) @gonctd
Riverside Transit Agency Yes 2011/12/01 No Riverside CA Mr. Larry Rubio (Chief Executive Officer)
Orange County Transportation Authority Yes 2008/10/29 No Orange CA Mr. Will Kempton (Chief Executive Officer) None
Victor Valley Transit Authority Yes 2010/12/09 No Hesperia CA Mr. Kevin Kane (CEO)
City of Alameda Ferry Services Yes 2009/09/09 No Alameda CA Ms. Ann Gallant (Interim City Manager) None
Southern California Regional Rail Authority Yes 2008/10/29 No Los Angeles CA Mr. David Solow (Chief Executive Officer) None
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Yes 2009/06/11 No Los Angeles CA Mr. Arthur Leahy (Chief Executive Officer)
San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority Yes 2011/04/20 No San Luis Obispo CA Mr. Edward King (Regional Transit Administrator)
Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority Yes 2009/02/06 No Flagstaff AZ
City of Turlock Yes 2010/10/15 No Turlock CA Mr. Roy Wasden (City Manager)
Island Transit Yes 2009/01/15 No Oak Harbor WA
Eureka Transit Service Yes 2008/10/29 No Eureka CA
Cuttyhunk Ferry Company Yes 2009/07/31 No New Bedford MA
Monroe County Transit Authority Yes 2008/12/10 No Mt. Pocono PA
Bay State Cruise Company Yes 2009/07/31 No Provincetown MA
Chappaquiddick Ferry, Inc. Yes 2009/07/31 No Edgartown MA
Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry Yes 2009/09/09 No Oakland CA
Franklin Regional Transit Authority Yes 2009/09/11 No Greenfield MA
Vineyard Fast Ferry Yes 2009/07/31 No Martha's Vineyard MA
Valley Transit Yes 2009/10/28 No Walla Walla WA
Golden Gate Ferry Yes 2009/09/09 No San Francisco CA
Redwood Transit System Yes 2008/10/29 No Humboldt County CA
Minnesota Valley Yes 2009/11/13 No Burnsville MN
Rio Vista Delta Breeze Yes 2008/10/29 No Rio Vista CA
BlueGO Yes 2009/08/14 No South Lake Tahoe CA BlueGO Tahoe
Tahoe Area Regional Transit Yes 2009/08/14 No Tahoe Basin Area CA
Irvine Shuttle Yes 2009/03/05 No Irvine CA
Falmouth Ferry Service Yes 2009/07/31 No Falmouth MA
Lexpress Yes 2009/07/31 No Lexington MA
Menlo Park Midday Shuttle Yes 2009/10/28 No Menlo Park CA
Boston Harbor Cruises Yes 2009/07/31 No Boston MA
Salem Ferry Yes 2009/07/31 No Salem MA
Boston Harbor Islands Ferries (operated by Boston's Best Cruises) Yes 2009/07/31 No Boston MA
Steamship Authority Yes 2009/07/31 No Martha's Vineyard MA
Hy-Line Cruises Yes 2009/07/31 No Hyannis MA
Massachusetts Port Authority Yes 2009/08/18 No Boston MA Thomas J. Kinton Jr.
Capt. John Boats Yes 2009/09/12 No Plymouth MA
Freedom Cruise Line Yes 2009/07/31 No Nantucket MA
TAC Transportation Yes 2010/05/12 No Chemult OR
Mason Transit Yes 2011/05/30 No Shelton WA
Trinity Transit Yes 2009/12/02 No Weaverville CA
Columbia Area Transit Yes 2009/12/02 No Hood River OR
Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority Yes 2009/10/28 No Sacramento CA
Fairfield and Suisun Transit Yes 2009/12/05 No Fairfield CA
City of Seattle Yes 2009/12/08 No Seattle WA
DC Circulator Yes 2009/12/09 Yes Washington DC
Siskiyou Transit and General Express Yes 2009/12/12 No Yreka CA
Arlington Transit Yes 2010/04/14 No Arlington VA None
Sunset Empire Transportation District Yes 2009/12/16 No Astoria OR
Town of Truckee Yes 2009/12/31 No Truckee CA
Homewood Ski Shuttle Yes 2009/12/31 No Homewood CA
Squaw Valley USA Yes 2009/12/31 No Truckee CA
Alpine Meadows Shuttle Yes 2009/12/31 No Tahoe City CA
Bee-Line Bus Yes 2010/01/16 No Purchase NY
Cottonwood Area Transit Yes 2010/03/09 No Cottonwood AZ
Verde Lynx Yes 2010/03/09 No Cottonwood AZ
Sedona RoadRunner Yes 2010/03/09 No Sedona AZ
Clemson Area Transit Yes 2010/05/13 No Clemson SC
King County Marine Division Yes 2010/06/15 No Seattle WA
eTrans Yes 2010/05/12 No Escalon CA
Susanville Indian Rancheria Public Transportation Program Yes 2010/05/12 No Susanville CA
South West Point - Klamath Shuttle Yes 2010/05/12 No Klamath Falls OR
Tehama Rural Area Express Yes 2010/05/12 No Gerber CA Barbara O'Keeffe - deputy director
Valley Retriever Yes 2010/09/21 No Newport OR
People Mover Yes 2010/09/21 No John Day OR
Ceres Area Transit Yes 2010/10/15 No Ceres CA
Caravan Airport Transportation Yes 2010/09/21 No Portland OR
Porter Stage Lines Yes 2010/09/21 No North Bend OR
Central Maryland Regional Transit Yes 2010/09/28 No Laurel MD
HUT Airport Shuttle Yes 2010/09/21 No Portland OR
Cascades East Transit Yes 2010/09/21 No Redmond OR
Stanislaus Regional Transit Yes 2010/10/15 No Modesto CA
Triangle Transit Yes 2010/11/15 No Research Triangle Park NC
Charm City Circulator Yes 2011/02/14 No Baltimore City MD
BWI Thurgood Marshall Intl Airport Yes 2011/02/14 No Baltimore MD
City of Sandy Yes 2011/05/02 No Sandy OR
Linn Shuttle Yes 2011/05/12 No Sweet Home OR
U-Trans Yes 2011/05/12 No Roseburg OR
South Lane Wheels Yes 2012/02/16 No Cottage Grove OR
Woodburn Transit Yes 2012/02/16 No Woodburn OR
San Benito County Express Yes 2012/05/12 No Hollister CA
Mendocino Transit Authority Yes 2012/06/05 No Ukiah CA
City of Albany / Linn Benton Loop Yes 2012/06/19 No Albany OR
Harbor Bay Ferry Yes 2012/08/20 No San Francisco CA
Eastern Sierra Transit Authority Yes 2012/10/03 No Inyo and Mono Counties CA
Topeka Metro Yes 2012/10/26 No Topeka KS
Marin Transit Yes 2012/12/07 No San Rafael CA
Butte-Silver Bow Yes 2013/01/24 No Butte MT
Wallowa Community Connection Yes 2013/02/26 No Wallowa OR
Baker City Community Connection Yes 2013/02/26 No Baker City OR
Northeast Oregon Public Transit Yes 2013/02/26 No La Grande OR
Swan Island TMA Yes 2013/02/26 No Portland OR
Josephine Community Transit Yes 2013/04/04 No Grants Pass OR
Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System Yes 2013/05/01 No Merced CA
Sage Stage Yes 2013/06/04 No Alturas CA
Fresno County Rural Transit Agency Yes 2013/06/18 No Fresno CA
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