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CommutePlan provides a very simple user interface making train schedules easy to search. CommutePlan is built using a flexible model - it was rolled out for Metro North Railroad (CT, NY), but can host schedules for almost any train system. CommutePlan lists connecting trains, allows easy switching to "neighboring station", and allows dynamic departure-time adjustments. A smartphone app (and mobile website) is forthcoming, as is additional commute-friendly services. CommutePlan's "Add Train" feature also provides partial functionality to allow end-users to start to provide Commuter Rail or Commuter Bus schedule information, via import of a GTFS feed or manual entry of the schedule details.

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  • Stamford, CT, US
  • Norwalk, CT, US
  • Fairfield, CT, US
  • New Haven, CT, US
  • New York, NY, US
  • Danbury, CT, US
  • New Rochelle, NY, US
  • Westport, CT, US
  • Mamaroneck, NY, US
  • Yonkers, NY, US
  • White Plains, NY, US
  • Larchmont, NY, US
  • Greenwich, CT, US
  • Darien, CT, US
  • New Canaan, CT, US
  • Wilton, CT, US
  • Bridgeport, CT, US
  • Stratford, CT, US
  • Monroe, CT, US