metroNOW! widget By Donal Carroll

A widget for your phone to provide immediate, real-time transit info to you

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The metroNOW! widget is a transit utility that provides immediate, real-time information about the available transit options you configure. You can configure a widget to show real-time arrival times for buses and trains at your stop. (In fact, you can configure several, so you will always have convenient transport information right on your phone screen.) metroNOW! is quick and concise and gives you just the information you need about the different buses and trains in your immediate area, or in the location you're interested in. No navigating through complicated lookup screens -- all the information you need is available right there on the phone screen. metroNOW! provides information for the following transit agencies: * San Francisco Municipal Railway [MUNI] * Bay Area Rapid Transit [BART] (More agencies will be coming soon!) FEATURES: - metroNOW! is a convenient widget that sits on your phone screen - Your configured widget(s) will be updated with the latest transit info every 30 seconds. - After 10 minutes, the widgets will go into inactive state (so as not to waste unnecessary phone battery resources), but they can be switched on again with just a click on any metroNOW! widget.

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