My Stop: Boston By Mark McCollom (Swankrain Studios)

The ultimate MBTA Commuter Rail app is here!

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Everything you need for Boston's MBTA Commuter Rail is in this app. ✔ Real Time Schedules ✔ Real Time Track Updates - Select a destination and see all active trains and train stops. - Tap any train annotation to get information such as where the train is, where it's headed, how fast it's moving, if it's running late and by how long! ✔ T-Alerts ✔ Proximity Alerts To Destination - Live alerts will let you know when you are approaching and have arrived at your destination. - App runs in the background, and live alerts continue even when minimized ✔ Customization - There are plenty more ways to customize your transit experience. Tap on Settings to change lots of available options. ✔ Video Streaming And Music - In addition to watching YouTube you can also choose from Vimeo or! Tap on Media to watch videos right from within the app. - Listen to your entire iPod music library in the app.

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