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Stopango is a revolutionary mobile application combined with the website containing the timetables of many transport agencies around the world. We went against the expectations of passengers and created an application which will be your constant companion for daily travel. In a hurry for a tram or bus? You do not want to waste time searching timetables you are interested in? Nothing easier, use the application in which all the timetables you have on hand! Stopango is based on the latest IT technologies timetables set in one single place. Our data is updated in real time and presented depending on your physical location, so you know about the possible difficulties, do not need to synchronize the database. Thanks to the Radar function you can tell others about what is happening around them. Timetables: - Data presented on the basis of the location you define - Marvelous function showing coming departures as one group! - Constantly updated database of transport agencies - Simple and clear user interface - You can add pictures of timetables by yourself - Quick and easy access to timetables from various parts of the world in one site Favorites: - List of favorites selected according to your location - Group favorites in your locations - You can add both a whole route and single stops - Add pictures of time tables which are not present in our database Radar: - See what is happening around You - Add a message from your location, attach picture - You can report on accidents, traffic jams, everything! - See interesting places in the neighborhood

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