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Are you commuting on Perth public transport? Then TripMate Perth Lite is your ideal companion. TripMate Perth Lite is a powerful offline timetable app which provides fast timetable access for TransPerth, Trans Busselton, Trans Geraldton & Bunbury City Buses, Trains and Ferry. With TripMate in your pocket you have access to Perth's transit information anywhere and anytime. Unlike other transit applications you do not need network access to check your timetable information. This means you get results fast. TripMate makes your commute easy with a variety of benefits: * TripMate works anytime and anywhere. No data network connection required. * Immediately find the next departure for your Stop. By Route or by Stop name. * Use predictive search from the action bar on the top of the app to quickly find your Route or Stop. * View next Departures for any TransPerth transit Stop or Station in Perth. * View Trip details. * View the Stops for your Trip on the map. * All the timetable information is stored on your phone. * TripMate informs you when updated timetable information is available for download. Don't worry, TripMate has the tiniest timetable files among all other transit apps out there. This saves you both bandwidth and storage space on your device. Check your notifications bar to download the most up-to-date timetable available. * Note: all times displayed are local Perth times.

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